adj. worse, worst; (Slang)bad•der, bad•dest for36;
1) not good in any manner or degree
2) having a wicked or evil character; morally reprehensible
3) of inferior quality; inadequate; defective; deficient
4) disobedient or naughty
5) inaccurate or faulty:
a bad guess[/ex]
6) invalid or false:
bad judgment[/ex]
7) injurious or harmful:
Too much sugar is bad for your teeth[/ex]
8) suffering from sickness, pain, or injury
9) diseased, decayed, or physically weakened:
a bad heart[/ex]
10) tainted, spoiled, or rotten
11) having a detrimental effect, result, or tendency; unfavorable
12) disagreeable; unpleasant:
a bad night[/ex]
13) easily provoked to anger; irascible:
a bad temper[/ex]
14) severe:
a bad flood[/ex]
15) regretful or upset:
He felt bad about leaving[/ex]
16) disreputable or dishonorable:
a bad name[/ex]
17) displaying a lack of skill or competence
18) unfortunate or unfavorable:
bad news[/ex]
19) inclement, as weather
20) disagreeable or offensive to the senses:
a bad odor[/ex]
21) lacking aesthetic sensitivity:
bad taste[/ex]
22) not in keeping with a standard of behavior; coarse:
bad manners[/ex]
23) ling.
a) vulgar, obscene, or blasphemous:
a bad word[/ex]
b) not observing rules or customs of grammar, usage, spelling, etc.:
bad English[/ex]
24) marred by defects; blemished:
bad skin[/ex]
25) not profitable or worth the price paid:
The land was a bad buy[/ex]
26) bus (of a debt) deemed uncollectible and treated as a loss
27) counterfeit; not genuine
28) sts Slang. outstandingly excellent; first-rate:
He is one bad drummer[/ex]
29) that which is bad:
You have to take the bad with the good[/ex]
30) a bad condition, character, or quality
31) badly:
She wanted it bad enough to steal it[/ex]
Etymology: 1250–1300; ME badde bad′ness, n. usage: The adjective bad meaning “unpleasant, unattractive, spoiled, etc.,” is the usual form to follow such copulative verbs as sound, smell, look, and taste: After the rainstorm the water tasted bad. The locker room smells bad. After the copulative verb feel, the adjective badly in reference to physical or emotional states is also used and is standard, although bad is more common in formal writing. bad as an adverb appears mainly in informal contexts. See also badly good II
[[t]bæd[/t]] v. archaic
a pt. of bid

From formal English to slang. 2014.


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